Share your spectacular experience

not just a video


Shoot and stream pro-quality videos just using your iPhone. Our brand new deshaking technology eliminates the need in hardware camera stabilizer.


Stream exciting experience to Glash, Youtube and Facebook with our REALTIME video deshaking and enhancing technology.


Display your achievements by overlaying speed, altitude, track map and other gauges.


Enhance your video using built-in editor with variety of effects and filters.


Combine shootings from different devices to make spectacular movies about your activity.


Share your amazing videos with everyone.

  • Speed: 350 km/h
  • G-force: 6 g
  • Altitude: 17 MASL


  • Compass
  • Tilt
  • Speed
  • G-force
  • Elevation
  • Steps
Coming soon
  • Connect
    Connect your GoPro to Glash using our upcoming device.
  • Explore
    Find places, videos and fellows who ride right next to you.
  • Compete
    Create your own championships with other users riding at the same place.
  • Keep in touch
    Keep in touch with mates using our built-in messenger.
Glash is a new way to become a director of your own adventure.

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